Ebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan Building

Ebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan

Yamanote Line Ebisu 8 min.

¥332,000~¥418,000per month

Bed rooms
Front Desk
Motor‐bike Parking
Auto lock
Type Apartment
Access Yamanote Line Ebisu 8 min.
Yamanote Line Meguro 14 min.
Location 4-20-2, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo
Structure SRC
Floors 13
Completion 1994/08
Preferences Front Desk・High Rise・Musical instrument・Delivery-box・Motor‐bike Parking・A/C・CS・BS・Auto lock

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Room No.
Key Money
317 1bedroom 69.26m² ¥346,000 2 month(s) none 2 month(s)/none 3F
501 1bedroom 69.32m² ¥375,000 2 month(s) 2 month(s) 2 month(s)/2 month(s) 5F
815 1bedroom 68.80m² ¥372,000 2 month(s) 2 month(s) 2 month(s)/2 month(s) 8F
1019 1bedroom 66.59m² ¥336,000 2 month(s) none 2 month(s)/none 10F
1103 2bedroom 75.96m² ¥418,000 2 month(s) 2 month(s) 2 month(s)/2 month(s) 11F
1110 1bedroom 60.89m² ¥332,000 2 month(s) 2 month(s) 2 month(s)/2 month(s) 11F
1211 1bedroom 63.78m² ¥350,000 2 month(s) 2 month(s) 2 month(s)/2 month(s) 12F

Ebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan is located inside of Ebisu Garden Place which is the development consist of movie theater, shopping mall, musium, concert hall etc... It is one of the main spot many people comes on weekends, you can enjoy the weekend without even going out side of this area. Not only Ebisu Garden Place is a fun neighborhood, Ebisu itself is popular destination for dining in wide range of people. Ebisu Garden Terrace Nibankan offers wide range of spacious apartments, you will find a layout that fit your needs easily. Please inquire RISE Corp. if you are interested in this building.
【Other Fees】
Bicycle parking fee:From 330 yen(tax included)/month / Motor bike parking fee:From 11,000 yen(tax included)/month.

About Ebisu Area

For a long time in its recent history Ebisu has been synonymous with beer. It’s home to the local beer "Yebisu Beer" which many Tokyoites have been known to devour by the gallon after work. It’s between Shibuya and Meguro on the Yamanote line as well as having a natty wee station on the Hibiya line to make it one of the most central and convenient locations in central T... Read more


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