Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka 1202

  • 1bedroom
  • ¥307,000 / Management Fee ¥15,000
  • Namboku Line Azabujuban 7 min.
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Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka floorplan


Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka building


Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka floorplan Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka building
Pet Negotiable
Heated Floor
Bicycle Parking
Auto lock

About Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka

【Other Fees】
Short-term cancellation penalty :2 months monthly rent for terminating less than first 12 month / Bicycle registration fee : From 500 yen / Bicycle parking fee:from 200 to 300 yen(+tax)/month (inquire availability) /2 months Deposit / 1 month key money /1 month Depreciation for keeping pet
Property Details
Property Name Casa Splendid Azabusendaizaka
Room No. 1202
Type Apartment
Layout 1bedroom + 1Bath
Size 548ft²
Price ¥307,000
Access Namboku Line Azabujuban 7 min.
Oedo Line Azabujuban 7 min.
Location 1-4-16, Minamiazabu,Minato-ku, Tokyo
Deposit 1 month(s)
Key Money 1 month(s)
Management Fee ¥15,000
Insurance Needed
Renewal Fee 1 month(s)
Contacted Status Under Application
Available Date Immediatly Available
Contract Terms For 2 year(s)
Floor 12F/12
Structure RC
Completion 2019/08
Parking none
Preferences Pet Negotiable・High Rise・Delivery-box・Heated Floor・Bicycle Parking・A/C・CATV・Auto lock
Latest Update 2020/11/17

About Azabujuban Area

Azabujuban shopping street has a history of more than 300 years. It has flourished as the town originally built around Zenpuku ji from the Edo period. There are several theories about the origin of the name “Azabu”. The first was the linen production area,Second, it used to be called “Asa furu yama” in the old days. The 3rd one, there is a legend that the grass gr... Read more
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Room No.
1202 1bedroom ¥307,000
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