Please feel free to contact our agent for the best home in Tokyo.
We are waiting to help your house search for your memorable life.

Norio Matsumoto

I was born and raised in Osaka until I was 26 years old.
Then I went to study in Queens Town, New Zealand, before working in the real estate business.  After returning from New Zealand, I worked at Better Homes, a real estate agency specializing with foreigners, as sales agent for 4 years.
In 2002 I entered  Housing Japan working as an executive director and
in 2015 I started Rise Corp.
Norio Matsumoto

James Yamaguchi

James Yamaguchi grew up in both Fukuoka and Australia.
He has a family of two daughters and lives in Yokohama.
He has more then 20 years of experience in Real Estate and has good knowledge of properties and the art of negotiation.
He himself experienced the difficulties to find an apartment in Tokyo so he joined Rise Corp to help foreigners find a place to live. In his free time he likes to ride his motorcycle, play tennis and golf and ski.
To contact James, email him at
James Yamaguch

Ray Yoshida (Ms.)

Section Chief (Leasing Dept.) / 賃貸営業部
I am Ray Yoshida.
I have 12 years experience as a Real- Estate agent.
I stayed in Los Angeles for 6 years, retuned to Japan and started working in this field.
Let me try my best to support your house hunting in Tokyo
Please contact me:
Ray Yoshida

Takashi Yashiro

Leasing Dept. / 賃貸営業部
I was born in 1965 in Saitama prifecture and now living in Tsuduki-word of Yokohama-city. I have a wife and a 10-year-old daughter.
My real estate agent currier has been 17 years. Previously I had been working in travel-related business.
I know  the best conditioned property in the best location.And also I know Tokyo and Yokohama very well and can give you useful tips on the daily needs.
Please feel free to contact us and let's enjoy the house search together!
Takashi Yashiro

Mimi Nakayama (Ms.)

Sales for Yokohama area (Leasing Dept.)
Yokohama is my home town--born and raised in this beautiful ocean front city.
My past experience working as a relocation consultant, I can offer to relate quickly to the needs of international clients for both housing and daily necessity.
Mimi Nakayama

Yusuke Kagawa

Leasing Dept. / 賃貸営業部
I was working for a hotel before doing this job and joined RISE Corp about 3 years ago.
My motto is always try my best for my cliants!!
Please feel free to contact me.
Yusuke Kagawa

Sakura Hazuki

Leasing Dept. / 賃貸営業部
Sakura Hazuki

Kanako Senda

Leasing Dept. / 賃貸営業部
Kanako Senda

Keisuke Hanaoka/花岡 啓介

Sales Dept. / 売買営業部

我是RISE Corp的敝姓花岡。請多多指教!


I can also speak English. Therefore, please feel free to contact me in English!!

Keisuke Hanaoka

Kiyo Futamura/二村 記代

ReLife事業部 / P.R / Eventer
Kiyo Futamura

Kouki Shinoda

Leasing Dept./ 賃貸営業部

Kouki Shinoda