About Musashikosugi Area

About Musashikosugi Area

In recent years, Musashi-Kosugi has been attracting attention because it has good access to the city area and Yokohama area.

Trains that run through Musashi-Kosugi Station are JR Nambu Line, Yokosuka Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line and Meguro Line.

You can access Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station and Ikebukuro Station in about 20 to 30 minutes
without changing trains making it a convenient location for commuting to work or school.

Limousine buses to Haneda Airport and Narita Express are convenient because you can get to the airport without changing trains.
Originally an industrial area, this redevelopment began in the city center for about 10 years.

The number of high-rise condominiums is increasing around Musashi-Kosugi Station and due to population growth, it is attracting attention as a new town.

Many local exchanges are held every year and 80m tours such as “Yomikoshi”, lantern walk, and “fine white noodles tournament are crowded every year.

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