kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) -

  • 4bedroom
  • ¥1,250,000
  • Oimachi Line Kaminoge 5 min.
kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) floorplan


kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) building


kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) - Living


kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) - kitchen


kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) - bath Rm

bath Rm

kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) floorplan kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) building kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) Living kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) kitchen kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4) bath Rm
Property Details
Property Name kaminoge One #D (Kaminoge1-10-4)
Room No. -
Type House
Layout 4bedroom + 3Baths + 1Family room + 1DEN
Size 2743ft²
Rent ¥1,250,000
Access Oimachi Line Kaminoge 5 min.
Denentoshi Line Futakotamagawa 15 min.
Oimachi Line Futakotamagawa 15 min.
Location 1-10-4, Kaminoge, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Deposit 4 month(s)
Key Money none
Insurance Needed
Available Date 2020/2 (Late)
Contract Terms Until 2/0
Floor 1~2F/2
Structure Wood
Preferences Pet Negotiable・Refrigerator・Washer・Dryer・Oven・Dishwasher・Home security system
Latest Update 2020/1/15
Next Update As Needed
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Room No.
- 4bedroom ¥1,250,000
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