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Message from CEO

RISE Corp. was founded in 2015. We are mainly engaged in the brokerage and management of prime properties in Tokyo.

I have given a great deal of thought to customer service, even while working at various real estate companies before establishing Rise Corp.

At many real estate companies, the main job of employees is to increase revenues. This is probably why every salesperson has a large number of customers, and not much consideration is given to individual customers. 

Improving corporate performance is, of course, important. However, above and beyond that, I believe it is our responsibility to ask ourselves how our customers can lead a more comfortable and secure lifestyle and to support them in achieving this.

Based on this belief, Rise Corp. is a company that can work meticulously and flexibly to ensure that customer needs are met. Because of that, we receive more inquiries through customer recommendations than through our website.

I am very proud that our customers like us and recommend us to important acquaintances. I believe we are currently achieving steady growth in exchange for the satisfaction of our customers.   

Moving forward, I want us to aim to create a company that is considered necessary by all customers and by society and that can contribute to society.

All our employees will join together in doing their utmost to build close relationships with customers throughout their dealings with them, from the time customers move into our properties to the time they move out.


Thank you.

Best Regards,

Norio Matsumoto  CEO/K.K.RISE Corp.


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