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View Details La Tour Shibuya Udagawa

La Tour Shibuya Udagawa

BRAND-NEW apartment in Shibuya. Very ni…

1801 ¥680,000 73.48m² 18F
1803 ¥890,000 100.62m² 18F
View Details Osaki Garden Residence

Osaki Garden Residence

Brand New Apartment in Osaki

1409 ¥340,000 73.33m² 14F
1803 ¥380,000 73.37m² 18F
View Details Homat Ambassador

Homat Ambassador

Arisugawa park and National Azabu supe…

440 ¥1,100,000 172.89m² 4F
480 ¥1,600,000 257.59m² 4F
View Details La Tour Shinjuku Garden

La Tour Shinjuku Garden

1 month Depreciation / Additional 1 mo…

2516 ¥600,000 107.57m² 25F
2611 ¥590,000 107.57m² 26F
View Details Homat Viscount

Homat Viscount

Private electric generation is availabl…

2003 ¥1,980,000 260.79m² 20F
2103 ¥1,980,000 260.79m² 21F
View Details MFPR Meguro Tower(Atria Meguro Tower)

MFPR Meguro Tower(Atria Meguro Tower)

key replacement fee from 20,000 yen (+t…

1202 ¥375,000 68.83m² 12F
1302 ¥306,000 54.31m² 13F
View Details Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Near Tokyo Mid town and Hinokicho Park.…

304 ¥930,000 137.78m² 3F
317 ¥680,000 96.93m² 3F
View Details La Tour Daikanyama

La Tour Daikanyama

24-hour Concierge: Bilingual staff /1 m…

F702 ¥3,170,000 292.42m² 7F
View Details La Tour Minamiazabu

La Tour Minamiazabu

24-hour concierge service./1 month Dep…

A202 ¥830,000 107.23m² 2F
A703 ¥1,080,000 106.34m² 7F