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View Details La Tour Shibuya Udagawa

La Tour Shibuya Udagawa

BRAND-NEW apartment in Shibuya. Very ni…

1805 ¥470,000 54.31m² 18F
2110 ¥660,000 78.42m² 21F
View Details Osaki Garden Residence

Osaki Garden Residence

Brand New Apartment in Osaki

1506 ¥360,000 73.33m² 15F
905 ¥370,000 77.07m² 9F
View Details Homat Virginia

Homat Virginia

Homat Virginia located very quiet resid…

205 ¥1,870,000 296.00m² 2F
404 ¥1,950,000 288.00m² 4F
View Details Homat Ambassador

Homat Ambassador

Arisugawa park and National Azabu supe…

170 ¥1,600,000 241.12m² 1F
View Details La Tour Shinjuku Garden

La Tour Shinjuku Garden

1 month Depreciation / Additional 1 mo…

2409 ¥380,000 68.40m² 24F
2417 ¥195,000 37.12m² 24F
View Details Motoazabu Terrace Apartment

Motoazabu Terrace Apartment

Fixed term contract till End of July,20…

101 ¥1,070,000 280.67m² 1F
102 ¥970,000 263.27m² 1F
View Details MFPR Meguro Tower(Atria Meguro Tower)

MFPR Meguro Tower(Atria Meguro Tower)

Meguro 7 min.

1105 ¥366,000 78.95m² 11F
1307 ¥269,000 55.81m² 13F
View Details Azabu Gardens (West)

Azabu Gardens (West)

Azabujuban 8 min.

213 ¥2,100,000 204.79m² 2F
View Details Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Near Tokyo Mid town and Hinokicho Park.…

112 ¥830,000 119.39m² 1F
411 ¥1,300,000 164.01m² 4F
View Details La Tour Daikanyama

La Tour Daikanyama

24-hour Concierge: Bilingual staff /1 m…

D501 ¥2,050,000 208.94m² 5F
D602 ¥1,900,000 208.37m² 6F
View Details La Tour MinamiaAzabu

La Tour MinamiaAzabu

24-hour concierge service./1 month Dep…

A902 ¥1,070,000 107.23m² 9F
C103 ¥920,000 131.58m² 1F