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View Details Osaki Garden Residence

Osaki Garden Residence

Brand New Apartment in Osaki

1101 ¥318,000 68.79m² 11F
1408 ¥340,000 73.33m² 14F
View Details Proud Shoto

Proud Shoto

Shibuya 8 min.

102 ¥780,000 146.90m² 1~2F
View Details Homat Virginia

Homat Virginia

Homat Virginia located very quiet resid…

404 ¥1,950,000 288.00m² 4F
View Details Homat Ambassador

Homat Ambassador

Arisugawa park and National Azabu supe…

560 ¥1,300,000 205.65m² 5F
View Details Forest Terrace Toriizaka (individual owner)

Forest Terrace Toriizaka (individual owner)

Azabujuban 4 min.

104 ¥1,150,000 150.49m² 1F
507 ¥1,000,000 123.28m² 5F
View Details Akasaka Air Residence

Akasaka Air Residence

Tameikesanno 1 min.

1104 ¥450,000 58.54m² 11F
View Details La Tour Shinjuku Garden

La Tour Shinjuku Garden

Additional 1 month Deposit for keeping …

2416 ¥350,000 68.40m² 24F
2505 ¥368,000 74.46m² 25F
View Details Homat Riviera

Homat Riviera

All unit in this building has been reno…

102 ¥1,200,000 160.19m² 1F
View Details Sweden House(Denenchofu3-41-3)

Sweden House(Denenchofu3-41-3)

Secom security fee 17,000yen per month

- ¥550,000 145.00m² 0F
View Details Aoyama Daiichi Mansions

Aoyama Daiichi Mansions

Aoyama-itchome 3 min.

1202 ¥580,000 108.01m² 12F
1301 ¥820,000 136.26m² 13F
View Details Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Near Tokyo Mid town and Hinokicho Park.…

101 ¥1,200,000 164.16m² 1F
218 ¥450,000 73.13m² 2F
View Details Grosvenor Place Kamizonocho

Grosvenor Place Kamizonocho

Sangubashi 7 min.

203 ¥1,350,000 166.83m² 1F
501 ¥2,300,000 249.62m² 4F
View Details Esty Maison Shirokanedai

Esty Maison Shirokanedai

Parking: inquire availability

602 ¥470,000 99.94m² 6F
View Details Belvedere Court

Belvedere Court

Hiroo 8 min.

1-2F ¥700,000 145.50m² 1~2F
View Details La Tour Daikanyama

La Tour Daikanyama

24-hour Concierge: Bilingual staff /Add…

A302 ¥1,650,000 209.51m² 3F
A303 ¥1,740,000 204.82m² 3F