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Features real estate in central Tokyo

Akasaka Hikawacho Park Mansion

Roppongi-itchome 6 min.

301 ¥1,150,000 183.30m² 3F
304 ¥650,000 129.21m² 3F
For Rent



KARA BLANC is located very central Toky…

101 ¥2,000,000 231.22m² 1F
105 ¥1,700,000 193.15m² 1F
Roppongi Hills Residence C

Front desk with English spoken Service.…

C1101 ¥930,000 94.09m² 11F
C1102 ¥1,060,000 110.42m² 11F
Akasaka Tameike Tower Residence

24 hours security and Bilingual concier…

1504 ¥480,000 79.91m² 15F
1510 ¥990,000 156.45m² 15F
Homat Virginia
For Rent

Homat Virginia


A apartment stately apartment surrounde…

202 ¥1,600,000 251.50m² 2F
304 ¥1,900,000 288.00m² 3F
Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu daiichi mansion is located near T…

302 ¥740,000 122.28m² 3F
313 ¥1,000,000 158.36m² 3F
Azabu Gardens (West)

Azabujuban 8 min.

419 ¥1,900,000 203.94m² 4F
Homat Viscount
For Rent

Homat Viscount


Private electric generation is availabl…

2506 ¥950,000 107.05m² 25F
2603 ¥1,900,000 260.79m² 26F
The Upper House
For Rent

The Upper House


Hills Spa is available 15,000(+tax) yen…

201 ¥1,290,000 165.30m² 2F
401 ¥1,670,000 205.23m² 4F


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