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    Show room for the Apartments and Houses in Tokyo and Yokohama

    By RISE Corp.

View Details Homat Riviera

Homat Riviera

All unit in this building has been reno…

103 ¥1,150,000 172.71m² 1F
203 ¥1,400,000 215.40m² 2F
View Details Azabu Manor

Azabu Manor

This is located near Azabujuban shoppin…

403 ¥1,200,000 165.09m² 4F
View Details Forest Terrace Toriizaka (individual owner)

Forest Terrace Toriizaka (individual owner)

Additional one month Deposit for keepin…

104 ¥1,150,000 150.49m² 1F
507 ¥1,000,000 123.28m² 5F
View Details Homat Viscount

Homat Viscount

Private electric generation is availabl…

2205 ¥1,350,000 182.64m² 22F
View Details Park Axis Aoyama Itchome Tower

Park Axis Aoyama Itchome Tower

Please ask for the availability for car…

1007 ¥399,000 54.66m² 10F
1305 ¥420,000 70.09m² 13F
View Details Nakameguro 3chome House(Nakameguro3-14-7)

Nakameguro 3chome House(Nakameguro3-14-7)

Very Japanese House with Roof-Top Terra…

- ¥1,300,000 278.40m² 1~2F
View Details Aoyama Daiichi Mansions

Aoyama Daiichi Mansions

Aoyama-itchome 3 min.

1001 ¥750,000 124.93m² 10F
1301 ¥820,000 136.26m² 13F
View Details Homat Monarch

Homat Monarch

Located quiet residential area. Appro…

201 ¥1,300,000 217.38m² 2F
204 ¥1,500,000 229.88m² 2F
View Details Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Dog: Small size Only(up to 7kg) /Parkin…

401 ¥1,250,000 164.01m² 4F
511 ¥1,270,000 164.01m² 5F
View Details Kent House

Kent House

Key replacement fee: from 25,000 yen (+…

203 ¥259,000 89.09m² 2F
View Details Esty Maison Motoazabu (Pluz Motoazabu)

Esty Maison Motoazabu (Pluz Motoazabu)

Azabujuban 10 min.

202 ¥1,200,000 177.25m² 2F
View Details Clio Maruyama Toriimae

Clio Maruyama Toriimae

Brand New apartment in Hokkaido. Built…

1001 ¥246,000 96.48m² 10F
1002 ¥201,000 75.40m² 10F
View Details La Tour Daikanyama

La Tour Daikanyama

24-hour Concierge: Bilingual staff /Add…

B202 ¥1,790,000 232.35m² 2F
F303 ¥1,900,000 256.41m² 3F
View Details Akasaka Tameike Tower Residence

Akasaka Tameike Tower Residence

24 hours security and Bilingual concier…

2001 ¥870,000 138.81m² 20F
2004 ¥490,000 79.91m² 20F
View Details Atago Green Hills Forest Tower

Atago Green Hills Forest Tower

24 hours security and Bilingual concier…

1408 ¥460,000 67.67m² 14F
2405 ¥710,000 90.10m² 24F
View Details Grosvenor Place Kamizonocho

Grosvenor Place Kamizonocho

Sangubashi 7 min.

207 ¥1,750,000 218.48m² 2F