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View Details Park Avenue Jinnan

Park Avenue Jinnan

Shibuya 5 min.

1303 ¥620,000 105.95m² 13F
1604 ¥800,000 121.29m² 16F
View Details Homat Virginia

Homat Virginia

Homat Virginia is located at very quiet…

205 ¥1,870,000 296.00m² 2F
304 ¥1,900,000 288.00m² 3F
View Details KARA BLANC


KARA BLANC is located very central Toky…

103 ¥2,150,000 272.04m² 1F
105 ¥1,800,000 193.15m² 1F
View Details Homat Ambassador

Homat Ambassador

Arisugawa park and National Azabu supe…

170 ¥1,600,000 241.12m² 1F
460 ¥1,500,000 205.65m² 4F
View Details Arisugawa Homes

Arisugawa Homes

The location is mid of Hiroo area which…

501 ¥2,000,000 319.01m² 5F
View Details Motoazabu Terrace Apartment

Motoazabu Terrace Apartment

Fixed term contract till End of July,20…

101 ¥1,070,000 280.67m² 1F
102 ¥970,000 263.27m² 1F
View Details MFPR Meguro Tower(Atria Meguro Tower)

MFPR Meguro Tower(Atria Meguro Tower)

Meguro 7 min.

1105 ¥366,000 78.95m² 11F
1403 ¥359,000 76.41m² 14F
View Details Azabu Gardens (West)

Azabu Gardens (West)

Azabujuban 8 min.

117 ¥2,200,000 254.71m² 1F
118 ¥2,200,000 250.87m² 1F
View Details Ark Towers West

Ark Towers West

24 hours security and Bilingual concier…

W1505 ¥1,330,000 193.59m² 15F
W1802 ¥630,000 85.55m² 18F
View Details Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu Daiichi Mansions

Azabu daiichi mansion is located near T…

311 ¥1,250,000 164.01m² 3F
506 ¥1,050,000 141.99m² 5F
View Details La Tour Daikanyama

La Tour Daikanyama

24-hour Concierge: Bilingual staff /1 m…

A302 ¥1,700,000 209.51m² 3F
A303 ¥1,860,000 204.82m² 3F
View Details Azabu Gardens (EAST)

Azabu Gardens (EAST)

Azabujuban 8 min.

104 ¥1,800,000 274.80m² 1F
105 ¥1,900,000 257.40m² 1F