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From the day of establishment, RISE Corp has introduced Apartments and Houses in various price ranges to those who move to Tokyo,Japan from overseas and customers who live permanently.We will continue to work head for our clients.

For finding your place to Live   

There are many restrictions when foreigners look for properties.

For example, the Japanese real estate agent does not speak/understand the English. So it's difficult to communicate with them. And the Residents must be able to understand and speak Japanese. This is also to eliminate the dispute between residents, and the lessor attaches great importance to it. We specialize in foreigners and have experience in introducing properties.

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Apartment & House Search in Tokyo


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-Motoazabu Hills Forest Tower#1006



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Recommendation from Matsumoto of RISE corp

[Pizza Savoy Azabujuban]
This restaurant is only 5 min walk from RISE Corp. Therefore I very often visit here and enjoy Margherita pizza!
Needless to say, Pizza is very good!
In addition, a drink which is free is very yummy!! The combination with pizza is awesome!!
Map: 3-3-13, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo






                          代表取締役 松本 規男




Real Estate in Tokyo

This is for most popular area to live for Expats.

No.1  Minato-ku ( Azabu, Azabujuban, Part of Hiroo area, Roppongi, Shirokane, Akasaka )

 -international schools (Nishi-Machi, ABC International, Montessori, Tokyo international, Summer Hill

Azabujuban Area Guide

Roppongi Area Guide





For Family★★★★★ Couple ★★ Single ★★★

English Frendly ★★★★★

No.2 Shibuya-ku ( Ebisu, Hiroo, Daikanyama, Shoto, Omotesando,Yoyogi-koen, Yoyogi-uehara)

-International School (British School, Sacred Heart, Yoyogi international

Hiroo Area Guide

Ebisu Area Guide

Omotesando Area Guide




For Family★★★★ Couple ★★ Single ★★★

English Frendly ★★★★

No.3 Meguro-ku (Meguro, Jiyugaoka, Nakameguro)

-international School ( Aoba Japan, Gregg International)

Meguro Area Guide

Nakameguro Area Guide


For Family ★★★ Couple  ★★★  Single ★★★

English Frendly ★★★


New Era Name from 1st of May

As you know Japane New Era name has decided on 1st of April and it will be "Reiwa" ”令和”. which will start from 1 st of May.

Due to this change, we will have long long Golden Week starting from 27th to 6th of May.

Normal Golden week is 4days or 5days, However, as the rule in Japan, a day between national holiday turn to be a National holiday.

Therefore, this Golden week in 2019, Normal National holiday is 29thof April(showanohi), 3rd of May, 4th of May(Green day) and 5th of May(Child day).

However by changing 30th of April and 1st of May to National holiday, a day 2nd of May between 1st of May and 3rd of May turn to be a holiday.

Very New High-Quality apartment with Front desk in AzabuJuban

Please check the floor plans and information from here below and let's call RISE Corp!!


TEL: 03-6271-9991

We will be waitig your contact!!

By Team RISE

A must see Apartment in Takanawa

◇ Takanawa Park Mansion#7F

-This has been taken. Thank you!!

-Key Monay: 1 month

-Deposit: 2 months

-Car Parking: Available (Flat space)

-Large size Storage included

-Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, A/C everything has been FULLY RENOVATED!!

Floor plan: https://rise-corp.tokyo/id/36045

-Very Sunny!!

◇ A super market: very close to the apartment.


Please contact to 


Or 03-6271-9991

for further information.


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