Most Popular area to live for Expats

Most Popular area to live for Expats

This is written by Matsumoto of RISE Corp. I have been working for real eatate industory for more than 20 years. This has make my personal preference...

This is for most popular area to live for Expats.

No.1  Minato-ku ( Azabu, Azabujuban, Part of Hiroo area, Roppongi, Shirokane, Akasaka )

 -international schools (Nishi-Machi, ABC, Montessori, Tokyo international, Summer Hill.

For Family★★★★★ Couple ★★ Single ★★

English Frendly ★★★★★

No.2 Shibuya-ku ( Ebisu, Hiroo, Daikanyama, Shoto, Omotesando,Yoyogi-koen, Yoyogi-uehara)

-International School (British, Sacred Heart, Yoyogi international)

For Family★★★★ Couple ★★ Single ★★★

English Frendly ★★★★

No.3 Meguro-ku (Meguro, Jiyugaoka, Nakameguro)

-international School ( Aoba Japan, Gregg)

For Family ★★★ Couple  ★★★  Single ★★

English Frendly ★★★

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